Bond Hill and the Panic of 1873

Here’s a question to add to the list of mysteries left unresearched by my master’s thesis on the origin and transformation of Bond Hill: how was the housing cooperative and building association impacted by the financial crash and panic of 1873 and the resulting depression? There were hints of decline but I could only speculate . . . → Continue reading: Bond Hill and the Panic of 1873

Latest edition featuring new findings

By the end of the summer my interest in publishing with Arcadia slacked. The editors were great to work with but Arcadia was very interested in publishing the book with original scans of images of old Bond Hill photographs. Unfortunately those photographs may no longer exist. The images of buildings and streetscapes in Bond Hill: . . . → Continue reading: Latest edition featuring new findings

Arcadia Publishing to pick up Bond Hill

Self-Publishing Bond Hill with on-demand printer has been great but I haven’t been as inclined or motivated to self-promotion as I might have been only a few years ago. So the idea of finding a publisher to pick up my book to promote and distribute seemed like a great idea. Good thing for local . . . → Continue reading: Arcadia Publishing to pick up Bond Hill

Updated Title Wording: Railroad Suburb, not Metro-Suburb

I’ve updated the title of the book. I’ve relaced the ambiguous term, Metro-Suburb with the more historically accurate term Railroad Suburb. I’ve also created a barcode for my ISBN for bookstores that only carry books with barcodes (for trackng sales at the counter). Also, an actual publisher looks to be interested in my history of . . . → Continue reading: Updated Title Wording: Railroad Suburb, not Metro-Suburb

Bond Hill Planning History Presentation

Last weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving) I returned to Cincinnati to give a presentation of my research findings to the community at the Bond Hill branch of the Public Library. About 25 people came to hear my talk and to ask questions. One woman even bought a copy of my book! Thrilling. Hopefully, I’ll be . . . → Continue reading: Bond Hill Planning History Presentation


Well, I’ve made it. I’m now living in DC having found a nice internship at the Trust for Public Land, a national non-profit specializing in helping communities create parks and trails. I’m working directly with Peter Harnik who helped to found the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, very exciting. And, get this, I found a place to live . . . → Continue reading: Working

Washington, DC

I am in DC, surviving on the generosity of friends and a dwindling bank account as I look for work in our nation’s capital. Ideally, I’ll find something in trail advocacy or historical and environmental preservation (perhaps all three!). So far my interviews have been wonderful and the planners I’ve met here, exceptional.

Dr. Tanaka . . . → Continue reading: Washington, DC

Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Conference

Since first getting this printed on I’ve met some incredible people interested in this research. One such person is Dr. Kinji Tanaka of the Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati. Dr. Tanaka has long been interested in Lafcadio Hearn and by extension, Henry Watkin, Lafcadio Hearn’s mentor (and founder of Bond Hill). I am . . . → Continue reading: Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Conference

Post SOP Life

Having graduated from planning school this past Spring (2004), over the Summer I’ve been cleaning up my thesis and looking for work. As for the former, you can purchase the fruit of my labors here. (If you prefer to read the 230 page fully-formatted 27mb pdf, then please do so at: As to the . . . → Continue reading: Post SOP Life