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By the end of the summer my interest in publishing with Arcadia slacked. The editors were great to work with but Arcadia was very interested in publishing the book with original scans of images of old Bond Hill photographs. Unfortunately those photographs may no longer exist. The images of buildings and streetscapes in Bond Hill: Origin and Transformation are mainly images I managed to locate from newspaper articles postcards, and souvenier publications. Arcadia was also hopeful that I could rewrite or reorganize the text for non-academic readers. I’ve tried to do this for my most recent edition. It incorporates all the new information I’ve uncovered concerning Henry Watkin and his family over the last year. I’ve also changed the text in the preface and introduction quite a bit. With a work like this (my first) the inclination to constantly tinker with it, rewriting sections, and adding new material, will always be there for me. But I truly hope that this edition will be my last one, at least for a while.

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