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Lazy Sunday

Today I’m catching up reading all the posts from the JitW-spring06 list that I missed reading because I didn’t register until a few days before the gathering. The discussions and insights of the folks on the list touch on all of the relevant issues and reflect the sophistication and insight I respect so much in this seasonally renewed community. I’m really sorry I couldn’t contribute to it until I became physically present in the gathering space in central PA last shabbes. But really by then it was too late. Like starting shabbes without having prepared food. Funny thing how I understood the importance of the list as an aspect of process and preparation. My experience now has confirmed its necessity. I don’t believe I was mentally or spiritually prepared for meeting up with these holy yiddim. Much of the feelings I experienced could have been mitigated by simply having become comfortable with the thoughts and email address names of the people I would soon meet. Instead, all I found was a huge group of new people, to struggle to find some warmth and acceptance from. Too many feelings of social vulnerability and angst. And there were stressors from within JitW I needed to cope with, certain people and conversations I needed to have, old business to deal with and learn from, that could have benefited from pre-shabbes preparation. I survived, and I will continue but I will also seek to pre-empt any damage from this by building jitw relationships offlist before next Fall.

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