Music Evangelism

I do not want these albums to be obscure, but they are. Even the ones I take for granted — by famous bands like Kraftwerk, remain unknown to so many! This is why musical evangelism is so important. Lacking magic and prophecy, we have the next best thing, perhaps the only thing: art. And we are privileged to live at the moment that the music can be recorded and played back at will. This is no achievement to be taken for granted. We are living in awesome times.

I am listening to Shri Camel by Terry Riley. This is a work of divine inspiration, or perhaps human inspiration masquerading as divine. It might not matter. The point is that this is so beautiful and powerful as to melt the boundaries and liberate us. This is a Key!

There are others… I’m certain you know of them. Works so special they argue for the existence of something more profound than anything offered in exoteric practice. These are what matter. All the rest of our actions matter only as the substrata, the infrastructure, the lattice supporting these inspirations.

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