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Feeling Philo for Philly

This last week I’ve been in Philadelphia, part of a three city trip to reconnect with friends, explore possibilities such as RRC and Penn’s GSE-JRE, and stumble upon whatever serendipities the cosmos has placed before my blind third eye. Philadelphia is wonderful, by which I mean, it is full of wonder even when it is raining, and this isn’t only due to my nostalgia for the six tumultuous years I lived there at the turn of the millennium; the shades of those lost days are a hell of a lot kinder to me than my memories of other cities, and my kind friends there still remember me, seemingly even, for the good, and for this I am deeply grateful and my spirit buoyed by their esteem.

I held off from writing about Philly while present there, but now that I’m away, my need to share dictates that I must, and I’m hopeful that in doing so, I might smooth some of the edge off of my missing the city already. To this end, you’ll soon be able to read a series of posts of some personal thoughts worthwhile of your review.

I’ve taken some pictures but lacking a memory stick card reader at the moment, it will be a while before I’ll be able to illustrate these thoughts with images. And I’m writing this from DC of which I’ll write about still later, perhaps while I’m visiting NYC next week.

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