Amplified Harmonic Resonance: Playlist for Monday morning, 2009-01-19


Amplified Harmonic Resonance, Playlist for Monday morning, 2009-01-19, programmer: dj Magical Adventures of Duffy Moon, 7am-10:30pm EST
Year Artist Album Track Title
1993 Deeper than Space Earthrise 3 Earthrise
1957 Marcel Duchamp The Creative Act 1 The Creative Act (Houston, TX, April 1957)
1975 Franco Falsini Naso Fredo (Cold Nose) 1 Naso Fredo (Cold Nose) Part 1
1975 Franco Falsini Naso Fredo (Cold Nose) 2 Naso Fredo (Cold Nose) Part 2
1978 Banco …Di Terra 1 Nel Cielo e Nelle Altre Cose Mute (Do largo)
1978 Banco …Di Terra 2 Terramadre (Sol improvviso)
1978 Banco …Di Terra 3 Non Senza Dolore (Chorale in Fa minore)
1978 Banco …Di Terra 4 Io Vivo (Fusione per trenta elementi)
1993 Pekka Kostiainen Runo (Northern Lights) 1 Morsiamen Iahtovirsi (Bride’s Farewell)
2007 Hope for Agoldensummer Ariadne Thread 11 Page’s Instrumental
1994 Skylab #1 2 Seashell
1966 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff & Joseph Sorokin Star Trek: Original TV Series Sound Effects 8 Communicator beeps
1966 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff & Joseph Sorokin Star Trek: Original TV Series Sound Effects 5 Dematerialization
1966 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff & Joseph Sorokin Star Trek: Original TV Series Sound Effects 6 Materialization
2003 Christ. Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle 1 Lazy Daisy Meadow
1999 Jah Wobble Hashisheen: The End Of Law 13 The Divine Self
2000 DJ Food Kaleidoscope 7 Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1)
n/a Don Joyce and the Professor Over the Edge: The Trip Receptacles 9 Show 1 (Part 9): The Sumerian underworld is Channel 26
1996 Stereolab Noises 4 Les Yper Yper Sound
1994 Legion of Green Men Spatial Specific 7 Interim Opuscule #57
1979 M Pop Muzik 1 Pop Muzik
1997 Mantronix Booming On Pluto: Electro For Droids (disc 1) 9 Bassline (Latin Rascals Edit)
1984 Ollie Brown Revenge of the Nerds 33 They’re So Incredible
1984 Michelle Meyrink Revenge of the Nerds 16 So I say I gotta be free, so I say I gotta be me
1987 Model 500 Booming On Pluto: Electro For Droids (disc 1) 1 Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat)
1985 Michael Kamen Brazil 3 Ducts
1995 Mike & Rich Expert Knob Twiddlers 3 Eggy Toast
1971 Paul Alan Levi PBS idents PBS ident
1981 Philip K. Dick David Roel’s PKD Tapes 10 On Vonnegut
1966 The Beatles Anthology 5: Advanced Test (disc 2) 22 Aerial Tour Instrumental
1963 Max Mathews Moog Spaceport Lounge Vol.1 10 Daisy Bell (bicycle built for two)
1990 Laurie Spiegel Unseen Worlds 10 Strand of Life (Viroid)
1998 Japancakes Sounds to Soothe a Nervous Robot 14 Ala Rakha
1971 Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 7 Pure Imagination
2001 Röyksopp Melody A.M. 8 Remind Me
2000 Lakshminarayana Shankar Eternal Light 1 Ragamalika
1984 Tracey Walter Repo Man cosmic unconsciousness [Repo Man sample]
1972 Styx Styx II 5 Little Fugue In “G”
1979 Robert Fripp Exposure 14 Water Music
1979 Robert Fripp Exposure 16 Water Music II
1972 Yes Fragile 2 Cans and Brahms
1971 Terry Tucker Music From A Clockwork Orange 10 Overture to the Sun
1998 Nipples for Days Sounds to Soothe a Nervous Robot 10 Classical Ass 2.0
1993 Stereolab & Nurse With Wound Crumb Duck 4 Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason)
2005 Stu Phillips Knight Rider (The Stu Phillips Scores) 15 Through a Truck/Airport Chase

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