Ain Sof

Sufis express divinity as the Not Not.1 Mekubalim express divinity as the Without End. Positivists demand language to be so sufficient for expressing truths that non-falsifiable terms like ‘God’ are meaningless. Theological noncognitivists find in the word ‘God’ an abstraction so absent of reference that the word is cognitively void. Everything we think is an invention, and some things we think are so fertile that they are emergent, take a life of their own, and change us in the process.

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  1. ”Ismāʿīlī apophaticism for the divine essence utilized the two strategies of repetitive negation and double-negation and placed God’s essence beyond all discursive possibilities, including negation itself. While the repetitive negation was formulated as “God is not X; God is not not-X”, the double negation, framed with joint denial as “Neither (God is X), nor (God is not-X),” was more popularly employed than the former.” ([Book Review] Unsaying God: Negative Theology in Medieval Islam by Aydogan Kars | Reviewed by Mehmet Emin Gulecyuz 5 March 2020

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