We Rabbis Don’t Make Golems for the Money — We Do It Because It’s Awesome

We Rabbis Don’t Make Golems for the Money – We do it because it’s awesome (Aharon Varady after Steg), a derivative of this historic image from 1866

This here meme I rolled this evening was inspired by this historic image from 1866, along with an earlier meme generated by Steg sometime more than a decade ago and shared on the website. The timestamp on the copy of his image macro (which I preserved for posterity) dates to hoary 2012, but I have a feeling I saw it earlier than that, perhaps in 2010 or even in more eldritch years.

To learn more concerning golems, please consult Moshe Idel’s work, Golem: Jewish Magical and Mystical Traditions on the Artificial Anthropoid (SUNY Press 1990).


We Rabbis Don’t Make Golems for the Money – We do it because it’s awesome (Steg, ca. 2010)

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