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Last night with friends

There is a peace here in Paul’s hamishe home on Harvard (just a few doors up the street from where I used to live). I’m sharing the couch with Emma, a small black and white chihuahua-like dog with big eyes and big ears, and incontinence. She managed to nest in my pillow before I had . . . → Continue reading: Last night with friends

On Swedenborgianism in Bond Hill

One of the more interesting hypotheses in my book I felt was that Bond Hill’s first church was trans-denominational, or perhaps even Swedenborgian, reflecting the progressive spiritual framework of Henry Watkin’s family. The degree to which Watkin was a Swedenborgian hasn’t been fully established. We know that Watkin’s father-in-law Henry Fry was a committed Swedenborgian . . . → Continue reading: On Swedenborgianism in Bond Hill

A few updates…

The new edition of Bond Hill: Origin and Transformation… contains a few new findings. Robert Wimberg corrected an error of mine, where I had confused the Old Mens and Womens Home (aka the Old Folks Home) with the Altenheim (aka the German Old Mens Home). I really appreciate it when readers take the time to . . . → Continue reading: A few updates…

On Names

A close friend of mine has a popular name. She struggles to identify herself, to take strength in her unique being, and she is defied by her name: she is one of millions with this name. The galactic central planning committee gathers to converse and meditate on this problem for a thousand years. One venerable . . . → Continue reading: On Names

Orphaned Expectations

One of the drawbacks of a curious and imaginative mind is that you’re constantly thinking that the places you visit and the people you meet will defy your expectations. I have been living in DC for three weeks now, just enough time to have made the acquaintance of some of the people I share my . . . → Continue reading: Orphaned Expectations

On Nudity

Interrobang-½ is in Cincinnati where Aharon has volunteered to give a presentation of his masters thesis research to the good people who show up at the Bond Hill Branch Library. “What will I tell them-½” asks Aharon while he procrastinates by interrobanging his head against the wall of his old bedroom. So much anxiety. But . . . → Continue reading: On Nudity

update 2003-01-24

My hair is shorn. These protein strands have been growing since they were last cut in 1998. I had no appreciation of how much lighter my head would be with short hair. Length of shower time has also been reduced. Overall, I am satisfied with the results. So is Dad. And the girls in Planning . . . → Continue reading: update 2003-01-24

update 2002-12-15

One term of graduate school complete, five more to go. If you’re interested in seeing some of the work I’ve done, I’ve placed some of it online. The paper on Tolkien’s Shire is here, and my 3D modeling of Centennial Plaza in Cincinnati is here.

update 2002-10-03

This page was recently linked from the School of Planning at DAAP, University of Cincinnati site, so if you’re visiting here from there, hi! If you’re an MCP student and you’re interested in getting your page or resume linked, talk to Sheng.

update 2002-08-18

Listening to “Summetime Rolls” by Jane’s Addiction today and I wonder whether the lyrics that I sing to it are the same as the official lyrics (since my lyrics don’t make sense in parts). Here is the comparison between my lyrics and the official lyrics, if you’re interested.

update 2002-08-14

A month ago I visited the exhibit of Robinson Fredenthal, a wonderful artist and designer, who has been making complicated geometric objects out of folded paper and tape for the last 35 years. Afterwards, I met Robinson in his studio and saw much more of his collection. I knew I’d be leaving Philadelphia soon but . . . → Continue reading: update 2002-08-14

update 2002-08-08

I’m working on a proposal for a project that I’m calling the “Open Siddur”. The goal of the project is to bring back the creative power of t’fillah to the individual while encouraging the feeling of solidarity with and awareness of the larger Jewish community and their diversity. The draft proposal is located here. Growing . . . → Continue reading: update 2002-08-08

update 2002-07-30

This summer, while I’ve been pondering what next to do with my life, I’ve also been going back over all the small mysteries and projects which I never had taken the time before to investigate or at least, write down. Here’s an example. I always wondered who did the fantastic and psychedelic cover art illustrations . . . → Continue reading: update 2002-07-30

update 2002-07-29

I’ve set up a streaming audio server from my home computer, DEIMOS. Now you’ll be able to listen to what I’m listening to at any particular moment (with a 30 second memory bufferred time delay). The link to the streamcast is here.

update 2002-07-26

Oh my. Philadelphia is a wonderful place to be this Summer. And in a month I’ll be leaving. I’m currently in the process of applying to the University of Cincinnati’s Community Planning graduate program. I’ll be specializing in Environmental Planning. I’m hoping to learn as much as possible about ecological and energy efficient designs for homes and communities. . . . → Continue reading: update 2002-07-26

update 2001-08-07

According to the Myers-Briggs/Kiersey-Bates Personality Type schema, I am an INFJ, and according to this Star Wars Personality Test, I am a Chewbacca. While the MBTI might not meet the rigours of scientific-proof, I have found it to present certain insights. An interesting critique of the system can be found at http://skepdic.com/myersb.html. The Star War’s Personality Test also included this brief list of links summarizing some of the more valuable and serious research into personality psychology in Academia. . . . → Continue reading: update 2001-08-07