Professor Varady in the Netherlands

This is something of a guest post by proxy. My father, Dr. David Varady, is on his sabbatical and working at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. My mother, meanwhile, is working on visiting in person all the Dutch art she scanned from books during her tenure as the visual arts librarian at the University of Cincinnati’s Design School (DAAP) library.

My father began preparing slideshows of his travels around the Netherlands, with a prominent urban planning perspective. He prepares these by using Microsoft PowerPoint and then exporting the presentation as a PDF. The presentations are too large to share as attachments to emails so he asked if I would kindly host them here at Aharon’s Omphalos. So here they are:

More will be added as they are received.

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Aharon's Omphalos is the hobbit hole of Aharon Varady, founding director of the Open Siddur Project. He is a community planner and environmental educator working to improve stewardship of the Public Domain, be it the physical and natural commons of urban park systems or the creative and cultural commons of libraries and museums. His advocacy for open-source strategies in the Jewish community has been written about in the Atlantic Magazine, the Yiddish Forverts, Tablet, and Haaretz. He is particularly interested in pedagogies for advancing ecological wisdom, developing creative and emotional intelligence, and realizing effective theurgical praxes . He welcomes your comments, personal messages, and kind words. If you find his work helpful to your own or you'd simply like to support him, please consider donating via his Patreon account.

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  • RogerBarry

    Enjoyed your Father’s power point presentation. My wife and I spent a three weeks in Holland over the past couple of years. Cool place.

    Hope you are doing well.

  • I am well and self-employed in the sense of investing a great deal of sweat equity in a start-up non-profit open source publishing project: The Open Siddur Project. Currently I am in NYC having just given a presentation on open source for non-profits at the Future of Jewish Nonprofit summit.

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