Vote Today Ohio: till the Election!

Yesterday we received the first numbers from our get out the vote early event from Vote Today Ohio HQ. Tate Hausman writes:

During Golden Week, Vote Today Ohio banked ~3,300 Obama votes, plus 621 voter registrations. Did we hit our ambitious 10,000 goal? No. Did we make a critical contribution in America’s #1 battleground state? . . . → Continue reading: Vote Today Ohio: till the Election!

Dawn After Golden Week

Yesterday the Scion xA and I got some street time shuttling students from Xavier to the Board of Elections building downtown and back. Who knew you could fit six people in that hatchback? From noon to five pm, I manned the “overflow vehicle” because our regular shuttle (a Windstar van donated for the day by . . . → Continue reading: Dawn After Golden Week


This is the last day of Golden Week, the week in Ohio when the periods for voter registration and early voting overlap allowing new voters to register and vote on the same day. Our teams are working hard to make one final push to get out the vote. I made posters like . . . → Continue reading: ELECTION DAY IS NOW

Vote Today * * * Ask Me How

Vote Today Ohio sent out the latest numbers just after midnight this morning on how many early voters our teams managed to shuttle over to the Early Voting Centers.

9/30: 380 votes 10/1: 429 votes, plus 121 new registrations 10/2: 449 votes, plus 306 new registrations 10/3: 776 votes, plus 391 new registrations

That’s 2,034 . . . → Continue reading: Vote Today * * * Ask Me How

Vote Today Ohio

Early voting began in Ohio this past Monday, September 29th. Over the weekend, I was making maps for Vote Today Ohio, a volunteer group hoping to make the most of a “Golden Week” during which Ohioans can register to vote and actually vote via absentee ballot on the same day. Field teams fanned out across . . . → Continue reading: Vote Today Ohio

Ghost Recon and the South Ossetian War

My friend Guilherme R. and I were chatting about the terrible new war in Georgia’s South Ossetia (soon to be Russia’s South Ossetia?), and he blew my mind recalling the premise of a particularly prescient video game released back in 2001, “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.” From wikipedia:

Ghost Recon begins in 2008, with civil unrest . . . → Continue reading: Ghost Recon and the South Ossetian War

Blacks, Jews, and the Post-Racial Candidate

This week I’m in New York City for the New Voices Conference in Independent Jewish Student Journalism. “Blacks, Jews, and the Post-Racial Candidate” was the subject of last night’s (May 28) panel discussion at the Center for Jewish History (CJH).

Moderated by Marissa Brostoff (New Voices contributing writer), the panel consisted of Sam Freedman (Columbia . . . → Continue reading: Blacks, Jews, and the Post-Racial Candidate