Amplified Harmonic Resonance: Playlist for Monday morning, 2009-01-05

Amplified Harmonic Resonance, Playlist for Monday morning, 2009-01-05, programmer: dj Magical Adventures of Duffy Moon
Year Artist Album Track No.

1970 John Cale & Terry Riley Church Of Anthrax 1 Church of Anthrax
1970 John Cale & Terry Riley Church Of Anthrax 2 The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles
1990 Robert Rich Geometry 1 Primes Part 1
1990 Robert Rich Geometry 2 Primes Part 2
1999 Tranquility Bass Steve Reich Remixed 4 Megamix
1974 Laurie Spiegel New Music For Electronic and Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music 4 Appalachian Grove I
2003 Aphex Twin 26 Mixes for Cash (Disc 1) 5 Heroes (remixed Philip Glass and David Bowie)
1991 Harold Budd By the Dawn’s Early Light 1 Poem Aztec Hotel
2005 dj BC Glassbreaks 1 Einstein on the Beast
2006 Boards Of Canada Trans Canada Highway 1 Dayvan Cowboy
1972 Bill Withers Still Bill 4 Use Me
unknown year Ghost Exits Sun EP 3 [unknown title]
1967 Jorge Luis Borges Por él Mismo 6 el gólem
1959 Raymond Scott OHM (Disc 2) 1 Cindy Electronium
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 1 Violez L’espace De Son Réfrigérant
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 2 In A Desert Alambic
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 3 Does East Bakestan Belong To Itself?
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 4 Tatkooz A Roulette
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 5 Pale Violence Under A Reverbere
1975 Lard Free I’m Around About Midnight 6 Even Silence Stops When Trains Come
1980 Robert Fripp with David Byrne God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners 4 Under Heavy Manners
1988 Spacemen 3 Playing With Fire 1 Honey
1982 Brainticket Voyage 1 Voyage (Part 1)

Terry Riley Keyboard Study No. 2

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