More on Emergency Broadcast Network

Ten years ago I was in Philadelphia and excited to learn that Emergency Broadcast Network (or EBN for short), an art music/video project would be touring with dj Spooky providing live mixed visuals and even performing their own set. I had first seen their work in college in the mid 90s, probably on a friend’s . . . → Continue reading: More on Emergency Broadcast Network

Jeer at them

Yochanan Lavie, who regularly reads and comments over at, recently shared this poem inspired in general by the sickness and evil near the root of Aaron Rubashkin’s animal slaughtering and meat processing factory in Postville, Iowa, and specifically by Rubashkin’s use of PR flacks, paid industry “representatives,” and the Orthodox establishment to shill for . . . → Continue reading: Jeer at them

The House that Emma Built

a poem for a housemate in Baton Rouge . . . → Continue reading: The House that Emma Built

Seven Kings

In the beginning, there were seven kings

One created a kingdom of earth and became suffused with it. One created a kingdom of one and hid himself in it. One created a kingdom of love and filled it with two and a challenge to entice them. One created a kingdom without number and became lost . . . → Continue reading: Seven Kings

one year later

hello blog, welcome back me.

One year later and I’m still in Baton Rouge and working with my planning team, now an order of magnitude larger. Plans out the door include the City of Port Allen Annexation Plan and the Comprehensive Coastal Protection and Restoration Master Plan for Louisiana. To reprise, I came down here . . . → Continue reading: one year later

More from the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge

Inspired by Borges’ 14 kinds of animals catalogued in “a certain Chinese encyclopedia, The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge,” here are

14 kinds of people

those mistaken for bigfoot those who are asleep government workers nameless ones those who exist only in dreams women with cats seafaring ones those who are crying that cannot be . . . → Continue reading: More from the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge

Jennifer Wickboldt

her voice soft like honey seeps into me i can feel intonations resonating in my ears sweeten the harsh world with your lavender voice caressing my pen torturing my fingers write i must write for you and you alone

Jennifer Wickboldt wrote the poem above, one of many available sprawled over old tripod user pages. . . . → Continue reading: Jennifer Wickboldt